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Rebecca Bower, MHSc, Compton P-ESL Certified

I had been working as a therapist/pathologist in the field of articulation and language for over twelve years and finally made the decision to focus my skills and knowledge on a true passion of mine. I wanted to use my very specific skills to make a significant impact and add value to my clients’ lives.

I became a Certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Instructor through the Institute of Language and Phonology. I analyzed the industry, and it was crystal clear to me that there was a big gap in the services I saw available to people looking to improve their North American English pronunciation. From my vast experience, I knew that I could create a system that could address these gaps. 

I learned from the research that improving my clients’ English accent skills would actually help them earn more money, access better career opportunities, get promotions, and help them succeed in their fields. I help my clients to push past their comfort zones, take their success into their own hands, have faith that they can improve, and trust that working with a qualified instructor is the missing link in realizing their goals.

Now is the time. Make an investment today that will change your life tomorrow.

Credentials: Rebecca Bower, MHSc, Certified Compton P-ESL Instructor

Rebecca has more than 13 years of experience in articulation and language instruction. Rebecca is a Compton P-ESL-Certified Accent Reduction Instructor and Global Educator. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Brock University and her Master of Health Science from the University of Toronto.

Accent Training

As a Master of Health Science graduate, Rebecca is uniquely qualified for accent modification training. She has more than twelve years’ experience working directly in the areas of phonetics and articulation as well as extensive experience in analysis of the intricacies of articulatory anatomy and physiology and is trained in IPA transcription. Rebecca is also a Certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Instructor which utilizes objective and evidence-based methods.

Note: Rebecca speaks with a neutral Standard North American English accent that is commonly heard in Toronto, Southern Ontario, Canada, as often heard on national television.

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